Cracked Tooth Syndrome in Storrs, CT

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About Cracked Teeth

Commonly the result of wearing down the enamel or an injury, a cracked tooth can cause pain and make it difficult to speak or eat. There are many different types of tooth cracks, like a craze line, a fractured cusp, a vertical root fracture, and a split tooth. The type of crack is based on the depth and location of the crack on the tooth, which also determines the best treatment. It is important to get professional help at Storrs Endodontics and Periodontics as soon as you suspect a crack so your tooth has a higher chance of being saved. A cracked tooth cannot be healed; however, our team will try to treat it so that your tooth can remain intact and your pain can be relieved.

How are Cracked Teeth treated?

The position and depth of the crack in your tooth help our team determine the most effective procedure for treatment. Following a thorough exam, we will explain your situation and come up with a treatment plan. The goal is to either avoid an infection or completely remove an existing infection. To treat a fractured cusp, a crown or filling may fix the crack and prevent it from expanding. If the crack has reached the interior of the tooth, then a root canal treatment may be performed. If you have a vertical root fracture or split tooth, endodontic surgery might be needed. In some cracks, the tooth may require extraction if it cannot be properly treated to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. Your recovery process will depend on your treatment, and it may include specific aftercare instructions, such as avoiding foods that could reopen the crack like hard candies or ice. At your annual dental examination, our team will continue to watch the treated tooth and your total oral health so problems can be corrected early.

Treatments that save teeth

A cracked tooth can be unpleasant and can cause bigger problems if not treated properly. At Storrs Endodontics and Periodontics in Storrs, CT, we work to diagnose and treat a cracked tooth so your smile remains healthy. For more information, contact our office and schedule a consultation with our team.

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