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Storrs Endodontics and Periodontics offers patients expert dental care, including root canal therapy, scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, laser gum treatment, and emergency dental care. Our team serves the Storrs, CT community with the latest technologies and techniques to alleviate dental pain and restore oral health. Whether you've suffered a traumatic dental injury, cracked teeth, or a severe infection, we have the professional expertise to help bring function and beauty back to your smile. Browse below to learn more about the vast catalog of services we offer, and call our center in Storrs, CT to schedule a consultation.

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Typically taken during your regular exams, digital x-rays allow our team to see and diagnose conditions that may be hidden, like decay and bone loss.

If you have a dental emergency, such as an abscessed or infected tooth, our endodontists and periodontists can provide the urgent care you need.

Recovery Time
2 – 3 Days

Tumors can form on the gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, or inner cheeks. It is important to have any changes in your oral tissues screened for cancer.

When decay has infected the interior pulp of a tooth, root canal therapy may be required to remove the infection and save the tooth from extraction.

If a tooth previously treated by root canal therapy continues to cause pain and other complications, then endodontic retreatment may be required.

Apicoectomy is performed when a tooth that has undergone one or more root canals is reinfected or has a reoccurrence of symptoms after a root canal.

Cracked teeth from injury or the wearing down of enamel can cause pain and cosmetic damage to your smile, necessitating a quick restoration procedure.

Any injuries to your mouth can cause serious damage, like chipped teeth, loose teeth, or a broken jaw, and will require immediate attention and care.

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